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FREEH0CKEY for kids who need it and families who can't afford it.


Transcourt is a Gold Sponsor of Free Hockey for kids who need it and families who can't afford it. Free Hockey aims to identify local opportunities to help kids in need and connect those needs with partners who have the expertise and desire to help in creative ways. Free Hockey Canada is aligned with partners who are not just experts in the filed of training, coaching and teaching kids how to play hockey - but are also invested in their personal development. Free Hockey isn't just about making this fun sport more accessible for kids. It's also about providing a safe environment for kids to learn, grow and thrive. We are very proud and grateful for the support and generosity of Transcourt in making this program possible for kids who need it. 

About Transcourt:

Transcourt Tank Leasing was established in 1997 to meet the leasing and long-term rental needs of the liquid and dry bulk transport industry. Transcourt’s large fleet of high-quality tankers is available to customers across North America, with a wide selection of tank trailer configurations for a variety of unique industry segments. They are committed to delivering a seamless tank leasing, sales and finance experience that help their clients improve business while delivering the best value for their investment. Not only do they know Tank Leasing, Sales and Financing - the know how to give back to the communities that they serve. 

For more information about Free Hockey Canada and sponsoring kids in your community - contact us today!

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