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3303.en-US.evaluation.v1.0.0.201803281608.xml ; Public on, 3/31/2022, 3:28:13 PM ; Tag, version, 3.0.0 ; Tag, version, version.1.0.0 ; Tag, version, major, 0.0.0 ; Tag, version, minor, 0.0.0 ; Tag, version, patch, 0.0.0 File 3 – Merezin.NEW- .v0.4.1.en-US.evaluation.xml English If the Security section in the vCRL file is not present, you must be careful to always verify the content of the file prior to installation. The section presents a manifest file used by the vCRL to identify the location of the Merezin source files and other data during execution. Figure 6-7 shows the manifest file for the version 0.3.0 file. Figure 6-7. Merezin manifest file The section can present one or more manifest files. Each manifest file contains an XML structure with various information describing what the vCRL will use when executing. At a minimum, you must provide a Location and a Name. The Location points to the path and name of the file and the Name identifies the object being packaged and shared. The Location section in the manifest file contains two Location sections, one for




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PrintertonerresetFirmwarefixsamsungml2160rarFull (Final 2022)

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