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  • How do bidds work?
    Each easel piece is displayed for an approximately two-week span. During this time anyone can make a bid. At the end of the display period, the bids are collected, the auction is closed and the successful bidder will be contacted with their good news.
  • What happens if I don't win?
    We want everyone to win and have the art or collectable that they desire. As a courtesy, Will be advised if and when multiple pieces are made available. Unsuccessful bidders can also shop through our categlogue for similar unique collectables.
  • Where does the money go?
    Funding Innovation is committed to putting the FreeHockey cause first. They ensure that FreeHockey recieves the biggest portion of the net proceeds that are generated by The Easel Program. As a result, FreeHockey gets a minimum of 65% of the net proceeds to the FreeHockey programs. FreeHockey shares these proceeds with parntering Arena's or hockey clubs and associations who want to give kids who need it and famiies who can't afford it - a great hockey experience.
  • How do I know the money is going to a kids who needs and not just to the hockey programs bottom line ?
    When a hockey club or arena signs up for our program - they participate in our online scholorship application process. Kids or families apply for scolorhips and answer several questions to help asses the need and opportuny to help kids who need it and families who can't afford it. Freehockey collects data and stories and makes this information available on a public website.
  • I love hockey and want to support kids in my area but don't see a FreeHockey easel at my local hockey arena.
    Our goal is to help provide FreeHockey opportunities in every city and every town across the country and we need people just like you. You can do one of two things 1. contact your local hockey club or arena and send them to our website to sign up for a Scolorship Program. 2. You can shop on our website as we will be adding unique hockey collectables throught the year. For every purchase you make - you can request that funds go to a particuar city, town, club or arena. Our team will take it from there and update you accordingly.
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