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For Kids.


We provide funding for hockey scholarships, programs
and unique experiences that support kids who need and deserve it.

We would love to make hockey more accessible to every Canadian kid. Aside from all the health and wellness benefits that hockey can provide, we also know that it's a lot of fun. 


There are 2 ways we raise money:

1. Corporate Sponsorship and Partner Programs

2. The Art Easel Program


We are a small group of local entrepreneurs who design unique experiences for financially challenged kids and families in our community. The Free Hockey program focuses on providing scholarships for house league and hockey camps, NHL games and other hockey related experiences for kids and families who LOVE hockey :). One of the ways we fund programs like this is through an Art Easel Program where consumers can bid on  unique, fully licensed music prints and iconic memorabilia.  This unique fund raising program is provided by Funding Innovation. To find out more about Funding Innovation - visit!

If you are a business owner with a busy retail location and you love hockey, this program could be a great fit for you.


If you want to donate equipment or help support Free Hockey Canada -  Contact us for more information and let's see if we can get more kids playing and enjoying the Good ol Hockey Game!

This Art Easel Program is provided in partnership with Funding Innovation

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